Wine can and should take you on an endless serpentine journey where you discover as much about yourself as the wines with which you fall in love. Our story is of two generations of the Beery Family and our shared passion for hand-crafted wines. This shared passion soon spawned the dream of J. Cage Cellars. Once the dream took hold, our family agreed it was time to make "someday" a reality. Thus, the journey towards our “Wine-Stained Dream” began.



Roger and Donna Beery - Proprietor

Roger Beery & Donna Beery

As a young couple, back in 1983, Roger and Donna fell in love with the California wine country after taking a trip to Napa and Sonoma. Roger recalls the rainy November day they spent in the vineyard with Caymus founder, Charlie Wagner. “In one afternoon I was vaulted from mere wine enthusiast to someone who had gained a deep appreciation for the vineyard and all the nuances of combining art and science which results in winemaking.” He was hooked, and like most everyone who visits wine country, Roger returned home dreaming of someday making wine to make you smile.

Roger's someday has arrived and he is living his Wine-Stained Dream with the creation of J. Cage Cellars. As proprietor, Roger is active in all aspects of J. Cage Cellars including toiling as the lead cellar rat, making wine and having fun learning the wine business. Donna works behind the scenes making sure the everything runs smoothly. Roger and Donna for many years have also written and produced the Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog.


Conch Beery - J. Cage Wine Maker

Conch Beery

Roger and Donna’s son Conch serves as J. Cage Cellar’s winemaker. Conch attended Texas Tech attaining his degree in Horticulture, specializing in Viticulture and Enology (winemaking).

While at Texas Tech, Conch created award winning Texas wines from Italian varieties. After graduation he apprenticed with world renowned winemakers in Australia, New Zealand, Napa Valley and the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County.


Whitney Beery

The Beery's daughter, Whitney, after graduation from Texas Tech with a hospitality degree joined the hospitality team at Jordan Winery where her mother learned to appreciate Cabernet 30 years earlier. For the Beerys, wine is a family affair.





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