Rex Pickett – Author of the Hit Movie Sideways

Shares his Thoughts on J. Cage Pinot Noirs

“I’m a huge fan of Russian River Pinots.  J. Cage Cellars produces single-vineyard Pinot Noirs that stand out among the others — at least to my palate. The wines are floral, suffused with spice, ripe with that Pinot profile that thrills through me every time.  Their trajectory from the first nosing to the satisfying, eye-closing finish has everything a great three-act book or film or play has:  depth and complexity, and something not to be soon forgotten.

When I drink J. Cage Pinot Noirs, I go through the rhythms of remembering of why I fell in love with Pinot Noir and why, in celebration of that sometimes obstreperous grape, I wrote Sideways. The rest is history.”

— Rex Pickett – March 2017