Pomegranate Glazed & Grilled Quail

Pair with Pinot Noir

Pomegranate Glazed & Grilled Quail
Roasted Chestnuts – Pomegranates – Crispy Bacon
Chef Dustin Valette, Valette Healdsburg

Serves 4-6

When I think of J. Cage wines I think of the story of how it was created, paying homage to a legend and following a passion.   This dish blends beautifully with their Pinot Noir and will make J. Frank Cage smile from above, wishing he cooked his wild quail this way! ~Dustin Valette

8-12 ea. Fresh Quail, de-boned, cleaned and wings cut off (ask your local butcher)
½ pound Slab Bacon, cut into 1/2” cubes
8 ounces Chestnuts (buy the peeled ones)
2 each Pomegranates, seeds removed
4 ounces Pomegranate Molasses
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Fresh Pepper


-Bacon & Chestnuts-

In large sauté pan over medium heat begin by cooking the bacon until its golden brown and about ¾ cooked.  Drain the fat out and add the chestnuts (make sure they are peeled and without shells).  Cook the chestnuts and bacon until the bacon is crispy and the chestnut are tender and golden brown.  Drain off any excess fat and place in bowl, add the pomegranate seeds and season with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and Fresh Pepper.  Keep in a warm area for later use.

-Pomegranate Glazed Quail-

First thing cut the de-boned quail in half to create a flat surface.  Place on a sheet pan and season with salt, pepper then drizzle with the pomegranate molasses.  Over a medium charcoal grill (a gas grill will work also, though charcoal is superior) grill the quail gently.  Be careful not to burn the quail.  Cook to an internal temperature of 145 degrees.  While the quail is roasting periodically re-glaze as needed, saving a little pomegranate molasses for later use. Once the quail is done hold in a warm area.


Now that all the cooking is finished its time to assemble your masterpiece.  On a large pre-heated plate place the chestnut mixture in the center of the plate.  Place the quail on top and repeat for the remaining dishes.  Last step is to drizzle the remaining pomegranate molasses on the quail, now serve and Enjoy!

Dustin Valette ~Valette Healdsburg ~ www.valettehealdsburg.com